Mer Harry Bosch

Jag hade ju inte tänkt göra det, men jag ångrade mig. Vad? Fortsätta serien om (o)viktigt vetande om Harry Bosch!

20 Things Harry Bosch Likes

  1. drinking Henry Weinhard’s, Anchor Steam, Rolling Rock, Sierra Nevada, Guinness, red wine, and vodka martinis
  2. hot dogs from Cupid’s and burgers from In-N-Out
  3. jazz music, particularly the sound of the saxophone
  4. Los Angeles at night
  5. Nighthawks, a painting by Edward Hopper
  6. Olvera Street
  7. shrimp fried rice and pork chops from Chinese Friends
  8. smoking
  9. Steak Helen and spaghetti with red sauce at Dan Tana’s
  10. the Bradbury Building
  11. the Central Library
  12. the chicken pot pie and 3 olive martinis at Musso & Frank Grill
  13. donuts at Bob’s Donuts
  14. the Farmers Market
  15. the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch
  16. pancakes at Du-par’s
  17. the view from his back deck
  18. Union Station
  19. watching the cake maker in the window at the Farmers Market
  20. women with scars

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