Författarintervju – Elly Griffiths

Den här intervjun får ses som en favorit i repris då jag publicerade den redan i författarporträttet av Elly Griffiths. I framtiden kommer dock porträtten och intervjuerna att komma i separata inlägg så därför tyckte jag det var lika bra att köra en repris av den första intervjun i den här serien.

Describe yourself with three words

Sociable, passionate, impatient

When did you start your writing career?

When I was on maternity leave expecting my twins. Prior to this, I’d worked in publishing for 10 years and that had almost succeeded in putting me off books for life.

Why Crime Novels?

I like puzzles and clues (I love crosswords). I also like writing dialogue – there’s a lot of dialogue in crime novels.

Is there any role models behind your main character Ruth Galloway or is she plain and simple a fictitious person?

Ruth really did just appear in my head fully formed. But perhaps there are some echoes of my two older sisters and one of my closest friends – all strong, independent women.

How many hours a day are you spending in front of the computer, writing on a novel?

Usually from 8am to about 11am.

What are you doing in your spare time, that is if you have any?

Relaxing with my husband and children. We live by the sea and we all love swimming and walking on the beach.

Which Swedish authors have you heard about and who is your personal favourite and why?

Henning Mankell, of course, but I’m slightly jealous because my husband loves the Wallander books so much. My all-time favourite, though, has to be Astrid Lindgren – I just adore Pippi Longstocking!

Do you have any tips for all the writing wannabees out there?

Finish it! I know so many people who have started a book but very few who have finished one….

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